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SWIFT SPRING PROBLEM - NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL DECEMBER 2019 MAYBE - "Best Performance Spring/Shock" Suspension Kit - Koni Sport Yellows with Swift SPEC-R Springs - Fully Assembled. (06-11 Civic)
SWIFT SPRING PROBLEM - NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL DECEMBER 2019 MAYBE - "Best Performance Spring/Shock" Suspension Kit - Koni Sport Yellows with Swift SPEC-R Springs - Fully Assembled.  (06-11 Civic)

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List Price: $1,485.00
Our Price: $9,999.00

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Check this box and we will use ALL Genuine Honda assembly parts in building your kit. [Add $109.00]
What struts do we use for fabrication?

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Swift SPEC R springs have had a problem with the rear lower springs being too low for about a year (as far as we can tell). Swift is aware and making changes. We are not selling those springs until Swift can correct the issue... and no idea when they will be available. Swift doesn't respond well to requests for updates; so it could be several months before this is fixed.

"Best Performance Spring/Shock" Suspension Kit
(Koni Sport Yellows with Swift SPEC-R Springs)
Fully Assembled With OE Aftermarket Assembly Parts
For 2006-11 Civic (ALL)

Important Notes:
  • The Koni Sport "Yellow" front shocks are "inserts" that must be installed into stock Honda front struts. We do the fabrication required to insert the Koni Sports; however, you need to tell us what front struts we will use to build your kit (see option drop-down box above).
  • There are 3 options:
    1. You can send us struts you want us to use, and for this there is obviously no additional fee other than your paying the shipping to us.
    2. $150 refundable core fee for Pre-Owned struts - We have pre-owned struts and can use those to build your suspension kit. When you install your new suspension, you ship the front struts back to us, and we will send you a 100% FULL REFUND provided you send us struts that are in good shape (for the next customer). Core acceptance requirements are listed HERE. If you use this option, your only real cost in the end is the shipping fee of your struts back to us (about $30 through UPS) because the $150 is refunded to you. FYI the pictures of the kit shown above used Pre-Owned housings.
    3. $300 non-refundable purchase of NEW struts - If you chose this option, we will purchase brand new Honda OEM struts so the strut housings you receive are brand new. We do not use aftermarket housings because the inner diameter of the housings are NOT CORRECT! We have checked KYB, and a couple others... and they do not fit correctly.

This kit includes:

  • A full set of 4 Koni Sport (Yellow) Struts/Shocks (adjustable damping)
  • Swift SPEC-R Springs (spring rates approx 30% higher than stock front and rear: 257 lb/in front, 294 lb/in rear)
  • Civic non-Si 2DR/4DR -1.0" front and -1.0" rear.
  • Civic Si 2DR -1.2" front and -1.0" rear.
  • Civic Si 4DR -1.2" front and -1.1" rear.
  • Fully Assembled (like a Honda Factory Performance HFP Kit) with New OE Aftermarket Strut Assembly Parts so your install is simple!

  1. Swift SPEC-R springs are the best performance spring to match to the Koni Sport Yellow shocks. Swift SPEC-R springs are very special in that they provide a reasonably comfortable street ride but also very good track-level handling performance.
  2. Koni Sport "Yellows" are the industry leader for user adjustable damping forces turning your daily driver into a weekend warrior. They provide superior motion control and adjustability for the discerning driving enthusiast. If you have run these, then you know how good they are... truly the standard of performance shocks for street and track. Koni did invent the adjustable shock after all.
  3. Approx 1" Lower than the Stock Si springs, these aren't "slam" springs at all. In fact, they lower the car just about the same as the Tein S.Tech we use in our "HFP Killer" suspension kit, but these Swift SPEC R springs are another step stiffer than the Tein S.Techs. If you want lower springs, then the Neuspeed Sport springs are better (at 1.6" drop).
Other way to purchase this kit:

Replace Aftermarket Assembly Parts with the OEM Honda Parts (+$100 approx). Do you need the OEM Honda parts upgrade? That's up to you. 90% of our customers opt for the aftermarket parts, and in 3 years of using them, we have not had any more issues with the aftermarket parts than we have on OEM parts (1 bearing issue on each). So, if you want Honda OEM parts, that's fine because they are excellent, but if you don't mind aftermarket parts and want to save a little money, you can be confident that the aftermarket parts will serve you well. The OEM Honda assembly parts have a 1 year warranty where the Aftermarket parts have a lifetime warranty. Do you need new assembly parts? If you have 60k miles, then it's a good idea. If you have 100k miles, then definitely. Always check your dust boots, no matter what because those go bad fairly quickly (often by 60k miles). So, purchase it as an assembled kit for very easy install, or you can purchase the parts separately on our site as well.

Do you need camber correction with this kit?

You don't need front camber correction. Stock front bolts are all you need. However, many people opt for camber bolts to dial in more camber than you can get with the stock bolts (for performance reasons). More front camber than stock will make the car handle better but will wear the front tires slightly more.

The rear is where you'll want something to correct camber. Stock camber is already enough to cause a tire wear issue. When you lower the car, the rear cambers more. and that's true for sure on the HFPKiller setup (lowers about 1.3"). So, I would recommend either the Ingalls camber adjusters #35880 (approx $150/pair) as the best inexpensive solution.. but you cannot run them on the track (they say not for track use).

If you want something a little better, like for track use, then one of the replacement rear camber arms is definitely the best option. My favorite is the SPC line because they have a good quality arm that isn't too expensive in steel (#67466) they are approx $240/pair. If you want to go all out, then there are the Skunk2, Buddy Club, or SPC Aluminum arms.

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