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RedShift Koni Sport "Yellow" Shocks - Rear (Pair) (2007-08 Honda Fit, 2009-14 Honda Fit, 2007-08 Honda Fit), No Warranty
RedShift Koni Sport "Yellow" Shocks - Rear (Pair) (2007-08 Honda Fit, 2009-14 Honda Fit, 2007-08 Honda Fit), No Warranty

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These are the Koni Sport "Yellow" shocks made for the 2006+ Honda Civic but adapted to work on the Honda Fit. They are a good length and valving (comfy soft to track stiff) for the Honda Fit. We add simple mounting adapters that change mounting bolt sizes (Fit is 10mm and Civic is 12mm). So, these mount perfectly at the upper and lower fit mounting point, as if Koni had made them for the Fit.

**Note that these are not listed in Koni's application list for the Honda Fit; so you will have no warranty from Koni for this shock (like if you were purchasing Koni Race shocks, which never have a warranty).

***Note for 2006-08 Honda Fit owners - these Koni Sport shocks have the same minimum length as the stock shock (so same bump stop location) but have 1" longer maximum length; so it allows the rear suspension to droop more than stock. This will allow shorter aftermarket lowering springs to sit loose it their perches when the car is raised, but they should not fall out. Because of this, it is recommended that you use only 1 upper shock washer when installing to minimize the max length of the shock (for as little droop as possible) rather than 3 as Koni recommend, and this means you will only use the stock dust boot and its integral washer and not the 2 washers that are supplied with the Koni shocks. If you are using an aftermarket rear dust boot, then you should use the larger diameter washers supplied by Koni only.

****Note for 2009-14, 2015+ Honda Fit owners - these Koni Sport shocks are 1/2 - 1 inch shorter than the stock Fit shocks (depending on year) in minimum length, which means they will provide improved compression travel (a good thing). Also, these Koni Sport shocks are 1 7/8 inch shorter in maximum length; so they will allow less droop to the rear suspension... and that can be great for coilovers or shortened lowering springs. Also note that because these are more than 1" shorter in max length than stock, they are not legal for SCCA's "Street" class.

***** Also note the Koni rear Sport shocks for the 06+ Civic don't come with bump stops or dust boots. You will need to drill out a little metal sleeve and drill out the stock dust boot to install them on your car. Instructions come from Koni in the box, and we also have this install note listed as Step #7.5 at this link: http://www.redshiftmotorsports.com/RedShiftStrutH... Or purchase the "BCRBumpstopDustboot(pair)" item listed under the Shocks category.

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