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Energy Suspension Rear Lower Control Arm Bushing Kit (06-11 Civic)
Energy Suspension Rear Lower Control Arm Bushing Kit (06-11 Civic)

List Price: $131.80
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This Energy Suspension rear control arm bushing kit replaces all the rubber bushings on the rear lower control arm of the 06-11 Civic (all trims).
This replaces:
1) the big forward "trailing arm" bushing (on the rear arm)
2) the rear inner pivot bushing
3) the lower upright bushing (it mounts into the upright rather than the lower control arm)

No upper control arm bushings are replaced with this kit (none are offered as of this writing). Where the front poly bushings kit does a good job controlling unwanted movement (bushing deflection) in the front suspension for steering feel, alignment consistency, and wheel hop, this rear bushing kit provides for a more consistent and reliable rear suspension motion that translates to improved feel and control at the cornering limit, when you really have to start paying attention to the rear of the car. For racers, this is an obvious modification to improve confidence and control at 10/10ths, when your ability to react to what you feel in the car improves you chance to put down that event-winning run.

This will make the car ride somewhat stiffer and is NOT recommended for a 100% street car application. Replacement OE rubber bushings are definitely a better option where comfort is important. These will not make the car a faster street car because you have to be driving FAR beyond street-safe levels for these to be worthwhile. Don't listen to online videos that tell you these are recommended for "enthusiast"... that word encompasses too many people, including street-only enthusiasts who would be better off with a softer rubber bushing that works just fine (rubber bushings are not a problem for street performance unless they have something like 150k miles and are totally shot).

Highly recommended with this kit is the E.S. front lower control arm bushings kit (16.3122).

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