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RedShift Competition Coilovers Contingency Program - 2019

For those interested in purchasing a RedShift Competition Coilover, we have an exciting offer!
Do well at big events and earn cash refunds to your coilover purchase.

First place $250
Second Place $150
Third Place $50

All of the series below are included.

  1. 24 Hours of Lemons (http://www.24hoursoflemons.com/)
  2. ChumpCar (https://www.chumpcar.com/)
  3. Formula Drift (http://formulad.com/)
  4. Global Time Attack (http://www.globaltimeattack.com/)
  5. #GRIDLIFE (http://www.grid.life/)
  6. NASA (https://www.nasaproracing.com/)
  7. One Lap of America (https://www.onelapofamerica.com/)
  8. Pirrelli World Challenge (http://www.world-challenge.com/)
  9. Redline Time Attack (https://www.redlinetimeattack.com/)
  10. SCCA National Events - Autocross, Road Race, Time Trials, Rallycross (http://www.scca.com/)
  11. World Racing League (http://www.worldracingleague.org/)

If you would like us to consider an additional series or event, please send us a request for that addition BEFORE you compete in that series/event. This program is open to all current and new owners of RedShift Competition Coilovers, including all those who have purchased our "Revalved BC/Bilstein Coilovers" in the past few years.

Contingency Requirements: You are required to run 3 "RedShift" decals on your car, 1 on the front and 1 on each side. Recommended decal size is 18" x 3", but custom sizes are available at your request (larger or smaller). Decals are either white or red. 5 or more cars in class are required to be eligible for refund contingency.

Claim Requirements: Please send claims to us via email directly or using the "Contact Us" link on our website. Include a link to or picture of your finishing position and a picture of your car with the required RedShift decals displayed. Good pictures are great for us to promote your accomplishments in the media.

Refund limit: Maximum total refund is $500 on any coilover purchase. That could be ten 3rd place finishes or two 1st place finishes. Refunds are not income but reductions to your car expense. Income tax will not be affected by your involvement in our program.

Yours truly in competition and fun!
Chris Shenefield
RedShift Motorsports