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Dear valued RedShift Motorsports retail customer:

RedShift Motorsports no longer sells direct to the retail customer. Our only business going forward is the production of RedShift Competition Coilovers with distribution through our dealer network. Please see our "Dealer" heading for more information. As you will note, this means that we no longer do any parts or spring/shock package sales, which has been our main business for the past 17 years with products from Koni, Tein, Ground Control, etc. Our "HFP Killer" was a very popular spring/shock kit, and like the rest, we are no longer selling that either.

Thank you to our retail customers for years of great business and sales. We genuinely appreciate all of you. Still, sometimes one has to put aside what you are known for, and what is comfortable, in favor of something new and very special. The RedShift Competition Coilovers are a special product that have been extremely well received, and so we are focusing all our efforts in that direction now.

If you have any questions about our new RedShift Competition Coilovers, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our sales are done through our dealer network, but we are still here to answer any questions you have.

Chris Shenefield, President
RedShift Motorsports, Inc.