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Stiff versus Comfortable?
hat is best for you?
Help us help you......

What is the best suspension for you? That's the #1 question we get. And giving advice can be tough because what is stiff to one person isn't so bad to another. Still, the best place to start is in deciding what you want, and that usually falls into one of the following categories. Which do you fall into?

  1. Best ride quality with some improved handling if possible that rides great. (a street car that is unlikely to hit the track)
  2. Good ride quality and good daily driver with noticeable and fun increase in handling performance with very few (if any) complaints from the passenger seat. (a street car that may hit the track just for fun someday and will be noticeably faster than a stock car like it)
  3. OK ride quality and OK daily driver for someone who can deal with a little stiffness because you need to drive the car everyday and be reasonably comfortable but you also want the car to be silly fast through the corners (like on the weekend at an autocross or track). Light complaints will come from your significant other in the passenger seat if that person is ride-sensitive. (still a daily-driver street car but very likely a weekend fun autocross or track car too that can win a local autocross in the right hands)
  4. Stiff ride quality and a borderline daily driver that is still street legal and can be your daily driver but your significant other will not want to ride with you often. More like an amusement park ride than a commuter. Good chance this car is not your family's primary transportation. (a street car and can be drive daily but maybe you have a 2nd car because this one is becoming a fairly serious weekend warrior autocross or track car... maybe even a national race winner)
  5. Race-only. Only a few products on this site fall into this category. If you are asking this questions, you probably don't fall into this category. :)