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Front Strut Assembly Parts for 2006-11 Honda Civic Coupe/HFP

6-11 coupe hfp

Circled in red above is what is needed to assemble front springs to front struts for both left and right sides. Only item 5 above is different left to right on Coupe/HFP Civics. All other parts are the same left and right, which is why they show qty=2 for them.

Note that what is pictured above is for the 06-11 Civic Coupe and all HFP. The stock front sedan strut is slightly different, and it requires a different lower spring isolator (Diagram #8); so make sure you get the right one.

The Coupe/HFP isolator is the same left and right (1 part number). The Sedan isolators are different left and right (2 different part numbers).

Note that the Koni STR.T (Orange) shock and the Skunk2 Sport Shock Kits both use Coupe/HFP style lower spring isolators.

OEM Honda Strut Assembly Parts (2006-11 Honda Civic Si/HFP)