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RedShift MCS Competition Coilovers Sponsorship Opportunity (March 21, 2020)

We are in search of partners to help us with development and promotion of our new RedShift MCS Competition Coilovers line. These are full coilover kits that feature Motion Control Suspension (MCS) "Pro" level dampers and include all main springs, helper springs where appropriate, and spherical mounts. For 2020, we are pushing hard to develop ALL applications; so whether you have a Miata, Cayman, M3, Civic, Mustang, or whatever, we want to partner with you in this sponsorship!

This is a “parts at cost” offer where you will pay for the cost of the coilovers and RedShift will provide all development labor, car setup support, and decals for your car (tasteful and to your requirements). Exact cost pricing is available with your submission of interest.

To be considered, please submit a “Request for Sponsorship” to us with your car info and a brief description of your event plans. Note the MSRP on these kits; so submit your request only if you can support the expected costs.
* RedShift Competition MCS Double-Adjustable (non-remote) $3995 shipped
* RedShift Competition MCS Double-Adjustable (with remote canister) $4895 shipped
RedShift Competition MCS Triple-Adjustable (with remote canister) $6295 shipped
Note: Most MCS applications available at this price. NC Miata, RX-8, Civic Type R, some BMW, Subaru, Porsche and Ferrari applications additional. Contact us for pricing. Build time is 3-4 weeks for most kits (shocks built by MCS and full kits assembled and shipped by RedShift).

Thanks for your consideration!

Chris Shenefield
RedShift Motorsports