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RedShift Competition Coilovers
(Custom race-valved BC Racing coilovers, built to win using real motorsport damper valving.)

**** Approved by BC Racing North America ****

** Available for most cars
** True motorsport damper valving (similar damping curves to Moton, JRZ, MCS, etc)
** Any spring rate
** Affordable
** 1 free revalve in first year if requested
** 1 year limited warranty on entire coilover kit
** 2-3 week turn-around on most orders

RedShift Competition Coilovers for 1988 Mazda RX-7.

Available in:
Non-Adjustable $1,495 shipped
Single-Adjustable $1,495 shipped

Double-Adjustable (with remote canister) $2,895 shipped

"First off, wow! What a transformation they made in the car.... I am super impressed..." - 2019 SCCA Time Trials Nationals T3
-Brian Kuehl (3-time Solo National Champion and 2-time Prosolo National Champion) on the RedShift Competition Single-Adjustable Coilovers for his 2007 Cadillac CTS

Our SCCA National Championship winning RedShift Competition Coilovers are not your average street coilovers...not even close. Like other serious "motorsport" damper companies, we use a different balance and shape of compression and rebound damping curves than what off-the-shelf coilovers use. Based on the world-class BC Racing coilovers, our custom RedShift Competition Coilovers use digressive compression damping, linear rebound damping, and large shaft sizes for maximum grip. We tune the compression damping to do more work in controlling the mass of the car (sprung weight), and this in turn reduces dive under braking, improves turn-in, increases traction through the turn, and significantly improves your ability to feel the car and hit your marks on course. Rebound damping is made linear (and relatively less than street coilovers) so that the tire stays in contact with the surface for better grip under braking, at turn-in, through the turn, and for the drive wheels at corner exit. The RedShift Competition Coilovers are designed in every way to win races.

"If you are thinking about coilovers, these are what I run and are fantastic. Even on the street...." - 2019 SCCA Solo National Championship SMF
-Jeremiah Thomas (2019 SCCA Solo National Championship in his 2007 Mini Cooper S)

Our Single Adjustables have a bleed adjustment that affects compression and rebound damping together, with the balance tuned for your specific application. Our Double Adjustables (with remote canisters) adds a separate 24-position bleed adjustment for compression only so you have more control over the balance of compression and rebound. All of these shocks allow you to run the shocks at various levels of stiffness so you can optimize your setup for a high-grip or low grip, sun or rain, warm or cold, and smooth or bumpy surfaces. This combination of a quality coilover, large shafts, race valving, and price make for a tremendous value for a world-class race coilover!

" ...this suspension is awesome. Best weekend of racing ever....." - July 14, 2019 SCCA ITA Road Race - 1-2 finish for RedShift Competition Coilover cars (18 car ITA field)
-Sean Grogan (1st Gen Dodge Neon)

Single Adjustables use 20-22mm shafts for struts and 18-20mm shafts for shocks.
Double Adjustables use 20-22mm shafts for struts and shocks for highest fluid flow to the base valves in the remote canisters.
All shocks are nitrogen charge adjustable with the proper tools (sold separately)

"[After 2 years of use].... lots of autox and track events, plus around 20k street miles.... Nothing but great things to say about the suspension. Car felt better than ever, and lots of people were commenting how composed it looked while bouncing off the curbs." - 2019 SCCA Time Trial Nationals (T4)
- Justin Tilus (2007 Honda Civic Si) - 2018 SCCA Time Trials National Champion T4

** Bilstein COB piston change available for additional $300 (the Bilstein piston is excellent but not necessary).
** Upgrade to Swift springs for $320. Upgrade to Hypercoil springs for $268.
** You may chose any spring rate you want. (Contact us for recommendations)

Satisfaction Guaranteed: We are serious about making you extremely happy with your purchase; so you may send any shock to us for revalve at any time within the first year of ownership. You will receive priority 1 week turn-around to get your car back on track. This offer is extended to the original owner only.

"....only a few tenths off the leader, and we were multiple second back previously [before the RedShift Competition Coilovers]."
-Nick Babin (2016 Mazda Miata Club - SCCA Solo STR Class)

Warranty: RedShift Motorsports warranties all RedShift Competition Coilovers for 1 year from the date the customer receives the coilovers.

Applications: Most makes and models supported. If BC Racing makes it, we have a "RedShift Competition" version of it!