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RedShift Competition Coilovers (Single Adjustable)
RedShift Competition Coilovers (Single Adjustable)

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Our Price: $1,595.00

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Change shock piston type

Change to Bilstein COB piston [Add $300.00]
Change Spring Type

Change spring type:
Upgrade to Swift Race Springs [Add $320.00]
Upgrade to Hypercoil springs [Add $268.00]

RedShift Competition Coilovers are essentially BC Racing coilovers with larger shafts and valved to win races. Bilstein piston upgrade available.

Like other serious "motorsport" damper companies, we use a significantly different balance and shape of compression and rebound damping curves than what street coilovers use. The RedShift Competition Coilover uses digressive compression damping, linear rebound damping, and large shaft sizes for maximum grip. We tune the compression damping to do more work in controlling the mass of the car (sprung weight), and this in turn reduces dive under braking, makes turn-in crisp, and significantly improves your ability to feel the car and hit your marks on course. Rebound damping is made linear (and relatively less than street coilovers) so that the tire stays in contact with the surface for better grip under braking, at turn-in, through the turn, and for the drive wheels at corner exit. The RedShift Competition Coilovers are designed in every way to win races.

Our coilovers have a bleed adjustment (for adjusting low speed damping). This allows you to run the shocks at full stiff on the best sunny day when the surface allows you to generate best grip, and then it also allows you to turn down the shocks if it is cold, wet, overly bumpy, or any other time you need to soften the shock. It's a seriously great value for the level of performance it provides, and it has a very effective, simple damping adjustment strategy.

**You may chose any spring rate you want. (Contact us for recommendations)
**Upgrade to Swift springs for $320. Upgrade to Hypercoil springs for $268.

Warranty: RedShift Motorsports warranties all RedShift Competition Coilovers for 1 year from the date the customer receives the coilovers. BC Racing will NOT honor their warranty on RedShift Competition Coilovers.

Many applications available:

A-01 92-95 Civic (Rear Eye) EG
A-02 92-95 Civic (Rear Fork) EG6/EH
A-03 96-00 Civic (Rear Fork) EK/EM
A-04 90-97 Accord CB7/ CD5/7
A-05 98-02 Accord CG
A-05 01-03 Acura CL YA4
A-05 99-03 Acura TL UA4/UA4
A-06 01-05 Civic EM2 / ES1
A-06E 01-05 Civic EM2 / ES1
A-07 02-06 Integra/RSX DC-5
A-07E 02-06 Integra/RSX DC-5
A-09 00-09 S2000 AP1/AP2
A-10 98-01 CR-V RD1/RD2
A-11 02-06 CR-V RD4/RD5
A-12 91-05 NSX NA1/NA2
A-15 03-07 Accord CM
A-16 03-05 Civic EP3
A-16E 03-05 Civic EP3
A-17 88-91 Civic/CR-X (Rear Eye) EF9/ED
A-18 06-11 Civic FG/FA
A-18E 06-11 Civic FG/FA
A-19 92-01 Prelude BB1-BB9
A-19E 92-01 Prelude BB1-BB9
A-20E 04-08 Acura TL/TL Type-S UA6
A-23 01-11 CR-V FWD/AWD RE1-RE7
A-24 07-08 Fit GD3
A-26 08-12 Accord CP2
A-26 09-14 Acura TSX CU
A-28 09-13 Fit GE
A-29 04-08 Acura TSX CL7/CL9
A-29E 04-08 Acura TSX CL7/CL9
A-32 10- Insight ZE2
A-33 88-91 Civic/CR-X (Rear Fork) EF9/ED
A-34 97-01 Integra (Rear Eye) DC2
A-35 94-01 Integra (Rear Fork) DC2
A-42 10- CRZ ZF1
A-50 73-79 Civic (Excl. Wagon/78-79 Civc CVCC) SB/SG
A-51 02-08 Accord Wagon CM2
A-56 07-12 RDX AWD TB1
A-57 80-83 Civic SL/SS/SR/ST/VC/WD
A-58 12-15 Civic (Excl. 2014+ SI) FB6/FG4
A-59 03-13 Honda Element YH1/YH2
A-67 94-98 Odyessy USDM RA1
A-68 05-10 Odyessy USDM RL3/RL4
A-72 84-87 Civic AG/AH/AJ/AK/AT/AU
A-73 12-16 CR-V RM1-RM4
A-74 96-98 Acura TL UA1/UA3
A-75 09-14 Acura TL FWD/AWD UA8/UA9
A-78 13- Accord (P/N Replaced With A-103)
A-81 14- Acura MDX YD3
A-85 15- Fit GK3
A-88 78-79 Civic CVCC (Excl. Wagon) SG
A-89 98-04 Odyssey USDM RL-1
A-93 96-04 Acura RL KA9
A-95 11-17 Odyssey USDM RL5
A-96 16- HR-V FWD RU1/RU3
A-97 14- Civic SI ONLY FB
A-98 14- Acura RLX
A-99 16- HR-V AWD RU4
A-101 05-12 Acura RL SH-AWD KB1/KB2
A-103 13- Accord CR2
A-103E 13- Accord CR2
A-104 90-93 DA Integra DA5-DA9
A-111 16- Civic (Non-SI) FC1/FC2
A-115 16- Civic Hatchback 1.5T FC
A-121 15- Acura TLX
A-122 13-14 Acura ILX DE
A-123 16- Acura ILX DE
A-124 17- CR-V 2WD
B-01 95-99 Eclipse D31A/D32A/D33A
B-01 96-03 Galant EC5W/EC5A
B-02 96-00 Lancer/Virage CJ4A
B-03 02-07 Lancer/Virage CS6A
B-03 04-07 Lancer Rally Art CS7A
B-08 02-07 Evo VII/ VIII/IX CT9A
B-10 00-05 Eclipse D53A/D52
B-10 99-04 Galant EA3A/EA8A
B-11 96-01 EVO IV/V/VI CP9A/CN9A
B-12 89-94 Eclipse AWD D27A
B-13 91-99 3000 GT AWD Z16A/Z15A
B-14 91-99 3000 GT FWD Z11A
B-15 06-12 Eclipse DK2A/DK4A
B-16 89-94 Eclipse FWD D22A
B-17 92-95 EVO I/II/III CE9A/CD9A
B-19 08- Lancer FWD/AWD CY4A/CY5A
B-20 08- EVO X CZ4A
B-21 89-92 Galant VR4 E39A/E38A/E37A
B-25 03-06 Outlander FWD/AWD CU4W/CU2W
B-27 07-13 Outlander FWD/AWD CW6W
B-32 14- Mirage A05A
B-36 13- Outlander AWD GG2W
C-01 91-99 Tercel/Starlet EP82/EP91
C-02 03-08 Corolla/Altis ZZE130/NZE121
C-02 03-08 Matrix ZZE132/133
C-03 93-02 Corolla AE101/AE111
C-06 97-01 Camry SXV20/MCV20
C-06E 97-01 Camry SXV20/MCV20
C-07 92-00 Chaser 2WD JZX100/90
C-08 00-05 Vios/Echo NCP10/12
C-10 02-06 Camry ACV30/MCV30
C-12 90-99 MR2 SW20/21
C-12 90-99 MR2 SW20/21
C-13 86-92 Supra MA70
C-14-SP 83-87 Corolla (With Front Spindle) AE86
C-14 83-87 Corolla (w/o Front Spindle - Weld In) AE86
C-15 93-98 Supra/SC300/SC400 JZA80/JZZ30
C-16 06-11 Yaris NCP91
C-17 07-11 Camry (w/o Rear Top Mounts) ACV40
C-17 07-11 Camry (With Rear Top Mounts) ACV40
C-18 00-05 MR2 Spyder ZZW30
C-18 00-05 MR2 Spyder ZZW30
C-19 00-06 Celica ZZT231/230
C-19E 00-06 Celica ZZT231/230
C-21 90-93 Celica AWD ST185
C-22 94-99 Celica AT200/ST204
C-23 89-92 Cressida/Chaser MX83/JZX81
C-23E 89-92 Cressida/Chaser MX83/JZX81
C-24 09- Corolla/Altis ZRE142/AZE141/E140/E150/E170
C-25 87-89 MR2 AW11
C-26 94-99 Celica Superstrut ST205
C-33 94-99 Celica Superstrut ST202
C-34 04-09 Prius XW20
C-35 90-93 Celica FWD ST183
C-37 83-87 Corolla AE82 AE82/E80
C-38 93-97 Corolla Superstrut AE111
C-41 85-88 Cressida (W/O TEMS) MX73
C-42 10-15 Prius XW30
C-58 00-06 Celica Superstrut ZZT231
C-68 99-03 Solara MCV20/21L
C-71 12- Yaris 3/5-Door Hatchback USDM NCP131
C-76 92-00 Chaser AWD JZX105
C-90 12-17 Camry (Excl. SE) XV50
C-93 12-15 Prius Prime Plug-In XW35
C-95 11- Sienna XL30
C-97 00-03 Prius XW10
C-104 12-17 Camry SE XV50(SE)
C-117 12- Camry Hybrid XV50h
C-120 12- Prius c Hatchback NHP10
C-133 09- Venza FWD GGV10
C-139 16- Prius Prime Plug-In 2WD XW50
C-140 16- Prius Prime Plug-In AWD XW50
C-141 08-13 Highlander FWD XU40
C-144 17- Corolla iM ZRE186/182
C-145 18- C-HR ZYX10
D-01 95-99 Maxima A32
D-02 00-06 Sunny N16/B15
D-05 91-96 G10 P10
D-06 91-94 Sentra B13/N14
D-07 89-94 Skyline R32-GTR/GTS-4 BNR32
D-08 95-98 Skyline R33 GTR BCNR33
D-08 99-02 Skyline R34 GTR BNR34
D-10 00-03 Maxima A33
D-11 95-99 Sentra B14/N15
D-12 89-94 Silvia 240SX A31/S13
D-14 95-98 Silvia 240SX S14
D-15 89-94 Skyline R32 GTS HCR32
D-16 95-98 Skyline R33 GTS ECR33
D-17 03-08 350Z Z33
D-17 03-08 350Z True Rear Coilover (USE P/N D-107) Z33
D-18 99-02 Skyline R34 GTS (Rear Fork) ER34
D-20 90-96 Fairlady Z/300ZX Z32
D-22 84-88 S12 S12
D-23 02-06 Altima L31
D-23 04-08 Maxima A34
D-24 07-12 Sentra B16
D-24E 07-12 Sentra B16
D-26 93-97 Altima U13
D-27 99-02 Silvia 240SX S15
D-28 07- Altima L32
D-28 09- Maxima A35
D-29 08- Skyline R35 GT-R R35
D-30 09- Fairlady Z/370Z Z34
D-36 99-02 G20 P11
D-41 91-95 Pulsar GTIR AWD RNN14
D-49 74.5-78 260Z (Weld In) S30 (WELD IN)
D-49 75-78 280Z (Weld In) S30 (WELD IN)
D-54 10- Juke YF15
D-71-SP 02-06 Cima (With Front Spindle) F50
D-72 99-02 Skyline R34 GTS (Rear Eye) ER34
D-74 93-00 Skyline GT-Four ENR33/34
D-76 10- Juke AWD NF15
D-87 13- Sentra B17
D-90 14- Versa Note E12
D-94 69-74 240Z (Weld In) S30 (WELD IN)
D-94 1974 ONLY 260Z (Weld In) S30 (WELD IN)
D-107 03-08 350Z True Rear Coilover Z33
D-107 03-08 350Z True Rear Coilover Z33
E-07 00-05 Focus MK1 DAW
E-09 05-14 Mustang S197
E-10 94-04 Mustang (Exclude 99-04 Cobra) SN95
E-13 11- Fiesta MK6
E-15 01-07 Ford Escape AWD BA/ZA
E-18 13- Fusion CD4
E-20 06-11 Focus MK1.5 C170
E-21 12- Focus MK3
E-22 12- Focus ST MK3
E-22E 12- Focus ST MK3
E-30 13-17 Taurus SHO D3
E-32 15- Mustang S550
E-33 16- Focus RS MK3
F-01 97-01 Impreza WRX GC6/8
F-02 02-07 Impreza WRX GDA/GDB
F-02E 02-07 Impreza WRX GDA/GDB
F-03 05-07 Impreza STI GDE/GDF
F-03E 05-07 Impreza STI GDE/GDF
F-04 05-09 Legacy BL9/BP
F-04E 05-09 Legacy BL9/BP
F-05 00-04 Legacy BE/BH
F-06 03-06 Baja BT
F-07 05-09 Outback BP/BL
F-08 08-14 WRX GH8
F-08E 08-14 WRX GH8
F-08 08-11 Impreza Base GH8
F-08E 08-11 Impreza Base GH8
F-09 95-99 Legacy BD/BG/BK
F-10 08-10 STI GRB
F-10E 08-10 STI GRB
F-11 98-02 Forester SF
F-12 03-08 Forester SG
F-13 09-13 Forester SH
F-14 10-14 Legacy BM9/BR9
F-17 11-14 STI Sedan GVB/GVF
F-18 90-94 Legacy BC/BJ/BF
F-20 12- BRZ ZC6
F-21 12-14 WRX GJ7
F-21 12-16 Impreza Base GJ/GP
F-22 00-04 Outback BH/BE
F-23 14- Forester SJ
F-25 15- STI/WRX VA2
F-26 13- XV Crosstrek GP7/GPE
F-27 15- Legacy/Outback BN9/BS9
F-28 17- Impreza Sport/Base GK/GT
G-01 94-99 Neon
G-02 00-05 Neon PL
G-03 03-05 SRT-4 PLDS41
Z-05 11- 300C LX
Z-05 11- 300 SRT-8 LX
Z-01 05-10 300C LX
Z-04 05- 300C AWD LX
G-06 01-10 PT Cruiser PT
H-01 85-99 Jetta II/III A2/A3
H-01 85-99 Golf MK3
H-02 99.5-05 Golf IV MK4
H-02 99-04 Jetta IV A4
H-02 98-10 New Beetle MK4/A4
H-04 06-10 Golf V (GTI,DTI) MK5/V5
H-04E 06-10 Golf V (GTI,DTI) MK5/V5
H-07 98-05 Passat (Non-Wagon) B5G
H-10 06-09 Golf V 1.6 (49.5mm Front Strut) MK5/V5
H-10 05-09 Jetta V (49.5mm Front Strut) MK5/V5
H-10 10-14 Golf VI (49.5mm Front Strut) MK6/V6
H-11 10-13 Golf VI MK6/V6
H-12 06-11 Passat B6
H-14 12- Golf R (W/O DCC) MK6
H-16 09- Passat CC B6
H-17 04-10 Touareg 7L
H-18 74-84 Golf MKI
H-21 12- Passat B6/B7
H-22 96-05 Passat AWD B5/B5G
H-23 13- Golf VII (49.5mm Front Strut) MK7/A7
H-24 13- Golf/GTI/Golf R (54.5mm Front Strut) MK7/A7
H-25 88-96 Passat Sedan/Wagon B3/B4
H-27 12- Beetle A5 (49.5mm Front Strut) A5 (PQ35)
H-31 07-17 Tiguan 2WD/AWD 5N
H-32 08-13 Golf VI (49.5mm Front Strut) MK6/V6
H-33 99-04 Passat Wagon AWD 3BA
H-34 92-02 Golf Cabriolet MK3/MK3.5
H-35 12- Beetle A5 (54.5mm Front Strut) A5 (PQ35)
H-36 18- Tiguan
S-03 99-05 Jetta IV AWD A4
S-03 99-05 Golf R32 AWD MK4
I-01 92-98 3 Series Sedan E36
I-01 94-99 3 Series Coupe/Vert E36
I-02 00-06 3 Series Coupe E46
I-02 99-05 3 Series Sedan E46
I-03 06-11 3 Series Sedan E90
I-04 85-87 3 Series (45mm Front Strut - Weld In) E30 (WELD IN)
I-06 95-03 5 Series Sedan E39
I-07 88-93 3 Series (51mm Front Strut - Weld In) E30 (WELD IN)
I-09 04-09 5 Series RWD E60
I-10 96-02 Z3/Z3M (On-Center and Off-Center Mounts Available) E36/7/8
I-11 07-13 130i/135i/128i E88/E82
I-12 03-08 Z4 E86/E85
I-13 07-13 3 Series M3 E90/92 M3
I-14 01-06 3 Series M3 E46 M3
I-15 06-10 5 Series M5 RWD E60 M5
I-16 11- 5 Series F10
I-17 07-12 3 Series Touring/Vert E91/93
I-18 06-11 3 Series E92
I-19 06-10 6 Series M6 E63/64 M6
I-20 01-06 X5 True Rear Coilover E53
I-21 11-12 1 Series M-Coupe E82M
I-22 06-08 Z4 M E85M
I-23 95-01 7 Series E38
I-24 87-91 3 Series M3 (51mm Front Strut - Weld In) E30 M3 (WELD IN)
I-25 95-99 3 Series Compact E36/5
I-26 95-99 3 Series M3 E36 M3
I-27 12- 6 Series 650i F13
I-28 89-95 5 Series (55mm Front Strut - Weld In) E34
I-29 12- 3 Series (3-Bolt Top Mounts) F30
I-34 82-88 5 Series (Weld In) E28 (WELD IN)
I-34E 82-88 5 Series (Weld In) E28 (WELD IN)
I-38 02-08 7 Series E65
I-39 07-13 3 Series M3 (w/o EDC) E90/92 M3
I-40 13-16 X1 RWD E84
I-41 12- 3 Series AWD (3-Bolt Top Mounts) F30
I-42 95-04 5 Series Touring E39
I-43 77-83 3 Series (51mm Front Strut - Weld In) E21 (WELD IN)
I-44 69-74 2500- 3.0 CS/New Six E9
I-45 12- 6 Series Gran Coupé F06
I-46 14- 2 Series Non-M (3-Bolt Top Mounts) F22
I-47 10-16 Z4 E89
I-48 77-83 3 Series (45mm Front Strut - Weld In) E21 (WELD IN)
I-49 14 ONLY 4 Series M4 (3-Bolt Top Mount) (EDC) F82
I-49 14 ONLY 3 Series M3 (3-Bolt Top Mount) (EDC) F80
I-50E 06-11 3 Series Coupe E92
I-52 04-10 6 Series (M & Non-M) E63/E64
I-56 11-17 X3 AWD F25
I-59 06-11 3 Series AWD E90/92 AWD
I-59E 06-11 3 Series AWD E90/92 AWD
I-61 14- 4 Series (3-Bolt Top Mounts) F32
I-62 14- 4 Series AWD (3-Bolt Top Mounts) F32 AWD
I-65 15 ONLY 4 Series M4 Cabrio (3-Bolt Top Mounts) F83
I-66 15- X4 AWD F26
I-68 15- 4 Series M4 (5-Bolt Top Mounts) (EDC) F82
I-68 15- 3 Series M3 (5-Bolt Top Mounts) (EDC) F80
I-69 16- 4 Series M4 Cabrio (5-Bolt Top Mounts) F80
I-71 04-10 X3 AWD E83
I-73 09-15 7 Series F01
I-74 15- X6 AWD F16
I-75 16- M2 F22
I-76 01-06 X5 Separate Spring & Shock E53
I-77 07-13 X5 AWD E70
I-78 17- 5 Series G30 F90
I-79 95-99 E36 Compact True Rear Coilover E36/5
I-80 12- 3 Series (5-Bolt Top Mounts) F30
I-82 12- 3 Series AWD (5-Bolt Top Mounts) F30
I-83 15- 2 Series Non-M (5-Bolt Top Mounts) F22
I-84 15- 4 Series (5-Bolt Top Mounts) F32
I-85 15- 4 Series AWD (5-Bolt Top Mounts) F32
I-86 03-10 5 Series E60 AWD (5-Bolt Top Mounts) E60
J-01 01-07 C230/C240/C320 W203
J-02 08-14 C-Class Sedan W204
J-03 05-11 SLK R171
J-04 08-15 C63 AMG W204
J-05 03-06 E55-AMG W211
J-06 03-09 E-Class W211
J-07 04-06 E-Class Wagon W211K
J-08 10-16 E-Class W212
J-10 02-09 E-Class Sedan(Airmatic) W211
J-13 10-16 E-Class Coupe W207/C207
J-16 12- SLK R172
J-17 15- C180 W205
J-18 12- CLS Class Sedan W218
J-20 14- CLA C117
J-21 07-14 C-Class AWD W204
J-26 13- SL Class R231
J-29 98-02 E55 AMG Sedan W210
K-02 98- 206
K-02 98- 206
K-05 06+ 207
K-07 09+ DS3
L-06 05-12 Swift Sport ZC31S
L-12 12-16 Swift Sport ZC72S/ZC32S
L-18 88-03 Swift SF
M-06 03-08 Tiburon GK
M-08 09-14 Genesis Sedan (Exc. V8) BH
M-11 10-16 Genesis Coupe BK
M-12 12-17 Veloster FS
M-13 11-14 Sonata YF
M-15 11-16 Elantra MD
M-16 10-15 Tucson LM
M-20 12-14 Genesis R-Spec Sedan BH
M-23 15-16 Genesis Sedan (Exc. V8) Genesis Sedan
M-24 15- Sonata LF
M-24 16- Optima LF
M-27 17- Elantra AD
N-01 03-08 Mazda 6 GG3S/GG3P
N-02 93-95 RX-7 FD3S
N-03 04-13 Mazda 3 BK3P
N-04 89-05 Miata / MX5 NA8C/NB8C
N-05 04-11 RX-8 SE3P
N-06 87-92 RX7 FC3S
E-03 00-04 Premacy CP
E-03 99-03 Mazda 323 BJ
N-07 89-94 Mazda 323 GTX BG8Z
N-07 90-94 Mazda Protégé FWD BG
N-08 10-14 Mazda 2 DE5FS
N-09 92-94 Mazda 323 GTR BG8Z
N-10 06-10 Mazda 5
N-11 06-14 MX-5 NCEC
N-13 09-13 Mazda 6 GH5FS
N-23 12- Mazda 5
N-25 14- Mazda 6 GJ2FP
N-26 07-12 CX-7 2WD/AWD ER3P
N-27 13- Maxda 3 Hybrid FWD BYEFP
N-29 14- Mazda 3 BMEFS
N-30 14- Mazda 2 (Puerto Rico ONLY) DJ
N-34 15- MX-5 Roadster ND5RC
N-35 72-78 RX-3/808
N-37 17- CX-5 KF2P
N-38 79-75 RX-7 SA/FB
O-02 04-09 MEGANE RS CM2H86
O-04 08+ TWINGO RS
O-05 01-03 CLIO V6 Phase 1 RWD
O-06 98-04 CLIO II RS 172
O-07 04-06 CLIO II RS 182
P-03 98-04 ASTRA G T98
P-05 96-01 VECTRA B
Q-01 05-10 Cobalt Delta I
Q-02 95-05 Cavalier JF37
Q-04 10-13 Camaro GM Zeta
Q-06 09-15 Cruze Delta II
Q-08 12- Sonic T300
Q-10 14-15 Camaro GM Zeta
Q-11 10-15 Spark M300
Q-12 14- Corvette C7 C7
Q-14 14- SS GM Zeta
Q-15 97-13 Corvette C5/C6 C5/C6
Q-16 16- Cruze D2XX
Q-17 16- Camaro
R-01 99-05 IS-200/IS300 GXE10/JEC10
R-01 99-05 IS-200/IS300 GXE10/JEC10
R-02 06-13 IS-250 XE20
R-03 98-05 GS-300 JZS160/161
R-03 98-05 GS-300 JZS160/161
R-04 95-00 LS400 UCF20
R-04 95-00 LS400 UCF20
R-05 93-97 GS-300 JZS147
R-07 01-06 LS430 UCF30
R-08 06-12 IS250/350 & GS300/350 AWD GSE25
R-09 90-94 LS400 UCF10
R-10 07- LS460 RWD USF40
R-10 07- LS460 RWD USF40
R-11 01-10 SC430 UZZ40
R-12 10- IS 250C GSE20
R-13 97-01 ES300 MCV20
R-14 02-03 ES300 MCV30
C-15 92-00 SC300/400 JZZ30
R-16 11- CT200h ZWA10
R-18 10-13 HS 200h ANF10
R-20 13- GS350 L10
R-21 06-12 GS300/350 GRS191
R-22 14- IS300h RWD GSE30/31
R-22 14-15 IS250 RWD GSE30
R-22 14- IS 350 RWD GSE31
R-22 16- IS 200t ASE30
R-23 13- ES300h XX40
R-23 13- ES300h XX40
R-24 10-15 RX 450h AL10
R-26 14- RCF USC10
R-28 15- NX 200t/300h FWD AYZ10/AGZ10
R-29 13- RC250/350 F-Sport RWD GSC10
R-30 16- RC200t ASC10
R-31 16- RX200t AWD AGL25W
R-32 13- GS250/350 AWD GRL15
C-55 04-09 RX 330/350 FWD XU30
C-62 04-09 RX 330/350 AWD XU30
H-04 05-12 A3 Sportback FWD/AWD 8P
S-01 96-01 A4 FWD B5
S-02 02-08 A4 FWD/AWD B6/B7/8E
S-02 03-08 S4 B6/B7/8E
S-03 00-06 TT AWD TTR/TTC/8N
S-05 99-02 S4 AWD B5
S-06 00-06 TT 2WD TTR/TTC/8N
S-07 09-16 A4/S4/A5/S5 FWD/AWD B8
S-09 96-01 A4 AWD B5
S-10 05-11 A6/A6L 2WD/AWD C6/4F
S-12 99-04 A6 AWD C5
S-13 07-14 TT AWD/FWD TTR/TTC/8J
S-14 12- A6 2WD/AWD C7
S-15 08-15 Audi R8
S-17 15- A3 FWD/AWD (54.4mm Front Strut) 8V
S-18 06-15 Q7 4L
S-19 99-05 Allroad C5
S-20 09- Q5/SQ5 8R
S-21 15- A3 FWD/AWD (49.5mm Front Strut) 8V
S-22 15- Q3 FWD/AWD 8U
T-01 02-06 Cooper RE16
T-02 07-13 Cooper R56
T-03 11- Countryman R60 ZC16
T-04 14- Cooper (With DDC) (4mm wheel spacer needed) F56
T-05 14- Cooper (w/o DDC) (4mm wheel spacer needed) F56
T-08 Clubman F54
U-01 05-10 TC ANT10
U-01 05-10 TC ANT10
U-02 04-07 XB NCP31
U-03 08-15 XB AZE515
U-04 11- TC AGT20
F-20 12- FR-S ZN6
U-07 14- iA DJ3FS
U-08 15-16 iM ZRE186
D-05 91-96 G20 P10
D-17 03-07 G35 Coupe V35
D-17 03-06 G35 Sedan V35
D-36 99-02 G20 P11
V-01 06-10 M35/M45 RWD Y50
V-02 07-08 G35 V36 Sedan V36
V-02 08-13 G37 Coupe V36
V-02 09-13 G37 Sedan V36
V-03 03-08 FX35/45 AWD/RWD S50
V-04 04-06 G35 AWD V35
V-05 97-01 Q45 (W/O Spindle) Y33
V-05 97-01 Q45 (W/ Spindle) Y33
V-07 11- M37 Y51
V-08 09-13 G37x V36
V-08 07-08 G35x V36 V36
V-09 09- FX35 RWD S51
V-10 09- FX35 AWD S51
V-11 06-10 M35 AWD Y50
V-12 09-13 G37 Convertible V36 Vert
V-13 08-13 EX35 AWD J50
V-14 08-13 EX35 RWD J50
V-15 09- FX50S AWD S51
V-16 11- M37 AWD Y51
V-17 02-04 M35/M45 Y34
V-18 14- Q50 V37
V-20 14- Q50/Q60 AWD W/O DDS V37
V-22 14- Q50 2.0t RWD ZV37
V-23 13- QX70 AWD S51
V-24 17- Q50/Q60 AWD W/DDS V37
W-02 10-13 Forte
W-05 11-15 Optima TF
W-08 12- Rio UB
W-09 14- Forte
Y-01 04-10 Cayenne/S (w/o PASM) 955/957
Y-02 01-05 Porsche 911 Turbo AWD 996
Y-03 09-12 Porsche 911 NA RWD 997.2
Y-06 05-08 Porsche 911 NA RWD 997.1
Y-07 08-13 Cayman I/II Gen 987C
Y-08 11- Cayenne AWD 92A
Y-11 15- Macan 95B
G-01 95-99 Neon PL
G-03 00-05 Neon PL
G-03 03-05 SRT-4 SRT-4
Z-01 06-10 Charger SRT-8 LX
Z-01 06-10 Charger LX
Z-01 08-10 Challenger LC
Z-01 08-10 Challenger SRT-8 LC
Z-02 07-12 Caliber
Z-02 08-09 Caliber SRT-4
Z-03 03-10 Viper ZB
Z-04 07- Charger AWD LX
Z-05 11- Charger LD
Z-05 12- Charger SRT-8 LD
Z-05 11- Challenger LD
Z-06 13- Dart CUSW
Z-07 96-02 Viper SR
Z-09 13- Viper VX
Z-10 92-95 Viper RT/10
ZA-01 02+ ELISE / EXIGE S2
ZB-01 06-09 SOLSTICE
ZB-02 04-06 GTO VZ
ZB-02 04-06 GTO Fronts Only VZ
ZB-03 08-09 G8
ZG-01 01-09 S60 P24
ZG-02 00-04 S40/V40
ZG-03 05-11 S40 P11
ZG-03 05-11 V50 FWD P12
ZG-04 98-00 S70 P80
ZG-05 07-12 C30 P14
ZG-06 01-07 V70 FWD P26E
ZG-07 08-10 V70 FWD Y3
ZG-08 01-07 S60/S70 AWD P2
ZG-09 91-98 740/940 EXC.IRS (RWD)
ZG-10 13- V40 FWD MB4
ZG-11E 08-10 V70 FWD Y3
ZG-12 74-93 240 RWD
ZG-13 08-14 XC60 AWD Y20
ZN-01 08-13 CTS GM Sigma II
ZN-02 08-13 CTS AWD GM Sigma II
ZN-03 03-07 CTS GM Sigma I
ZN-04 13- ATS RWD Alpha
ZN-05 13- ATS AWD Alpha
ZO-03 10- Fiat 500/Abarth 500

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5 of 5 RedShift Digressive Coilovers September 2, 2019
Reviewer: Jason Rymell from Shickshinny, PA United States  
From day 1, Chris outshined other companies to take a personal interest in helping me better my old Subaru which would allow me to push harder on the autocross course. He asked plenty of questions on how the car was setup, what parts I had on the car and how it felt to drive. I received my new custom tuned suspension and immediately after installation and test drive the car felt amazing. Even on 700 treadwear daily use street tires, the car felt amazing and stayed so flat. While taking turns aggressively, the tires remained quiet and didn’t scream in pain because the car was much more balanced and composed. This upgrade has been one of the absolute best and there is zero regret for the purchase. Thanks, RedShift Motorsports for a phenomenal product!!!

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5 of 5 Coil overs for 350z June 13, 2019
Reviewer: James Bahrt from SUGARLOAF, PA United States  
The product seems very well built. They were easy to install and adjust to ride height. Haven’t had a chance to compete with them yet, but on the street they seem very good.

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5 of 5 BC Redshift single adjustable June 4, 2019
Reviewer: Sean Grogan from Walled Lake, MI United States  
A great product that has dropped my lap times substantially , that is well-engineered well-thought-out, and delivered in a timely manner by Chris. Highly recommended

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 More than happy May 27, 2019
Reviewer: Danny H from MN United States  
Very happy with this setup, with these dampers and a suggested spring rate from Chris my Honda Civic feels like a proper track car out on the road course. Rotates well and holds traction where it used to push hard into understeer, currently running stock anti roll bars, adjustable rear camber arms and one camber bolt along with these.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Great improvement July 12, 2018
Reviewer: Dennis Latshaw from Hanover, PA United States  
This is a long time after the purchase, but bad Spring weather kept us from having enough information to evaluate the shocks and springs. Our car is so much better than the past it's hard to express it. We're still learning to trust it thru transitions.  The only downside is, as drivers, we have one less excuse.  Chris was great to work with on the purchase and set up info. My only problem with him is his move out of PA. I was hoping to get him in the car for more feed back.  All in all a great purchase, at a price we couldn't match elsewhere.

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