RedShift Competition Coilovers

Update: We are now producing our own coilovers! Starting early in 2022, we found a great product/manufacturing partner to help us build our own coilover line. STANDARD Racing Suspension Inc was created by us in February 2022 to bring you world-class coilovers with the correct engineering, durability, spring rates, and damper valving you would expect from a real damper and suspension builder. All kit specifications are dictated by us, and all Competition kits are built here in Pennsylvania, USA. We even build, valve, and dyno confirm every Competition damper that goes out (no exceptions)! Our new STANDARD Racing Suspension kits are already available in Street and Competition versions on our Order page. Please stay tuned for more updates and the new website.

* True Motorsport Shock Valving

* Affordable

* 650+ Applications